Banner for Dragon softwarePCByVoice (incorporating is a company based in West Sussex, UK. Our passion is voice activation software and voice driven software application development. As a Nuance Advantage Partner, in addition to customised software development, we sell a range of Dragon products and provide comprehensive training and consultancy services tailored for particular individual and corporate needs.

Most importantly, we provide guidance, training and consultancy in improving work productivity for all professionals such as lawyers, doctors, engineers and other office staff. Additionally we promote the use of such software with assistive technologies (for people with disabilities and those who find normal control of a PC/Mac difficult).

We believe the true potential and usability of software like Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the PC and DragonDictate for the Mac is undervalued and largely unrealised.

Nuance logoThere are various reasons for this and our aim is to bring such software to the population’s awareness, particularly in the UK. We do this, as certified trainers and a Nuance Advantage partner, through training and consultancy in the use of such software and through the software development of complementary application enhancements for particular requirements.

We also provide software services to voice-enable your application and will be marketing some basic guides for aspiring developers to explore further the possibilities with such off-the-shelf products as Dragon NaturallySpeaking (using SAPI 4 development technologies and the Dragon API) and SAPI 5 development for Windows Speech Recognition.

Additionally, we provide various services under the assistive technology section of the website including consultancy, training in hands-free use of a PC or Apple Mac and hands-free home and mobile automation.

Dragon accreditation logosWe are certified resellers of Dragon products and a one stop shop for a small but select range of microphones & sound cards, to get the best from your Dragon products. Additionally we sell several select assistive technology devices, such as the ClickToPhone \ Housemate+, which allows complete hands-free control of an Android-based smartphone with the simple use of a switch. Different configurations are available but the latest Housemate+ offers the ultimate hands-free operation of Android with a built in environmental control. Our website is continually updated so please check regularly for any updates on your particular interests.


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