At PCByVoice, we offer a wide range of training and consultancy services, both on-site and via remote connection, ranging from introductory training on getting to know Dragon NaturallySpeaking to intermediate level courses and advanced courses including mastering Advanced Scripting, setting up multiple user installations and productivity courses showing you the best way to get the most out of NaturallySpeaking.

We additionally provide a diagnostic and repair service where we can connect up to your PC within minutes to diagnose and repair installation problems, damaged user profiles, recovery of vocabulary data and voice commands or any other existing problem you are having with Dragon.

Such training and consultancy can be provided on an individual or corporate basis, for which we supply consolidatory documentation and voice command packs, as well as free copies of some of our commercially available tools and applications used to enhance Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

We can also provide installation services, remotely or on-site, for any particular single or multiple installation of Dragon NaturallySpeaking.

Please contact PCByVoice in the first instance at regarding any of the above services.

What our customers think, please e-mail using the address immediately above if you would like to talk to any of our endorsers below:

Advanced Scripting Consultancy Services

“I’m a small business owner, and have a DIY approach to most of the things I do, only reluctantly hiring consulting support when necessary. However, I’d been stymied in finding answers to some persistent problems in Dragon – both in terms of how Dragon was operating and in terms of struggling to create certain kinds of macros . I couldn’t be more happy with the support I got from PCByVoice. It’s clear that PCByVoice are extremely knowledgeable on the topic, and they were really dogged in pursuing some especially pernicious and difficult issues. They were good at listening to my needs and respecting my experience with the software, and very responsive in making sure the solutions worked for me. I also appreciated how they were happy to work with me to help me learn more about my commands, so that I can adapt them on my own in the future, to a variety of situations. Best of all, the price was incredibly reasonable, and I won’t hesitate to get in touch with PCByVoice in the future, instead of spending loads of valuable time fruitlessly searching user groups and forums “. - MC, Environment Consultant

“The advanced scripts provided to us by PCByVoice for some automation tasks have saved our company many many hours of laborious repetitive tasks, many many thanks.” - Medical Services Company

“As an attorney who relies on Dragon, PCByVoice has been a godsend. They have developed macros for me that have dramatically improved my productivity working with complex documents across a multi-monitor desktop environment. The macros are extremely reliable and execute instantaneously. The folks at PCByVoice are highly skilled, very responsive, and surprisingly affordable. If you also rely on Dragon and have productivity issues you suspect could be addressed with the right macro or set of macros, you owe it to yourself to give PCByVoice a try.” – LA, Attorney


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