We provide software services to fully voice-activate your application or an application you use, whether it is creating a customised suite of Advanced Scripting commands, using the vast range of libraries available to Advanced Scripting under Windows, or whether it is utilising SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 development technologies to incorporate inbuilt voice command control of your application.

Such voice automation can greatly increase productivity as well as allow easier access to an off-the-shelf application, or your own application, for disabled users.

We will also be providing a series of voice command packs for off-the-shelf applications. These voice command packs will not only allow increased productivity through voice control but additionally allow disabled users better voice control access to common and not so common off-the-shelf applications. If you have any particular application that you would like a voice command pack for, then we will consider any viable suggestions. Please email info@pcbyvoice.com with any such suggestions in the first instance.

Furthermore, if you are considering voice activating your own applications yourself, then we can provide support and consultancy on the various ways of doing this, ranging from Advanced Scripting training to introductory training on using SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 development tools as well as the Dragon API.. Such training and consultancy would be tailored to any individual or company needs.

For any other enquiries regarding software development, please contact us at info@pcbyvoice.com in the first instance.


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