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ClickToPhone / Housemate Pro

Easy Access To Your Android Mobile with optional Environmental Control

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Please contact us for detailed pricing as multiple configurations are available depending on ClickToPhone options and Android telephone options. All items are in stock.

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The ClickToPhone for Android, from Unique Perspectives, allows multifunction access to an Android mobile phone by the simple clicking of an external Bluetooth switch, joystick or by using the touchscreen of the Android mobile. Any single switch or 5 switch device can be used as well as a powered wheelchair joystick. Virtually all of the phone’s functionality can be accessed through the ClickToPhone software, making and answering calls, sending and replying to texts, browsing the Internet, send and receive e-mails, configure telephone settings, access the weather and markets as well as access to most available apps.

A Bluetooth interface box allows a wireless connection to the mobile phone and can interface with any single switch or a 5 switch device such as a TASH mini joystick. For powered wheelchair users the mobile phone can be operated without any additional hardware directly from a Genie joystick or Genie Master remote.

Further information on the Android ClickToPhone can be found below:

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