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Sennheiser ME3 Headset Microphone

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This condenser, super-cardioid headset is difficult to beat, outstripping, in our opinion, the Andrea ANC and VXi Parrot TalkPro range of headsets. Boasting exceptional noise reduction, it produces a clean and uncoloured sound with a wide dynamic range. A lightweight and comfortable fit with an adjustable/bendable rubber coated wireframe, there is also a Velcro adjustable strap for further rigidity.

It is important to note that the microphone can only be used on the right hand side of one’s mouth. It comes with a 2.4 m cable. Please note also that there is no headset speaker built into this microphone headset. We would recommend using the headset with a USB sound module such as the Buddy 6G, which can be purchased on this website.

So why spend £100 plus on a microphone headset when there is one that comes with DNS in the box? If you want the ultimate in recognition accuracy and to save hours and days of making even just occasional corrections, then a small investment in a superior quality microphone like the Sennheiser quickly becomes value for money. Remember a 1% accuracy gain can equate to a 50% decrease in errors.

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Sennheiser ME3 Headset

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