At PCByVoice, as well as being a certified reseller of Dragon products, we have developed a number of applications and utilities to help various users enhance their day-to-day use of off the shelf voice activation products like Dragon NaturallySpeaking Preferred/Premium, Professional, Legal and Medical, as well as Windows Speech Recognition.

ScriptManager – in English, German and Dutch, ScriptManager is a complementary application for Dragon NaturallySpeaking which dynamically shows you your custom scripts available for the current active window. It is currently available as a free download.

For more details, please go to PCByVoice ScriptManager.

PCByVoice SpeechStart+™ – in English and German, SpeechStart is an application that enhances your hands-free use of your PC. Start Dragon NaturallySpeaking by voice, restart Dragon NaturallySpeaking by voice (even when it is locked up/hung up) and switch on your Dragon microphone from the off state (red Dragon microphone icon in the system tray or DragonBar).

For more details, please go to PCByVoice SpeechStart+.

Software Information

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